If your Mac is lost or stolen

If your Mac goes missing, these steps might help you find it and protect your information.

With Find My Mac, you can locate and protect your Mac if it’s ever lost or stolen. To use Find My Mac, simply turn it on in System Preferences > iCloud. You need to set up Find My Mac before it goes missing. If you believe that your Mac was stolen, contact your local law enforcement.

Use Find My Mac to locate your computer

If you set up Find My Mac before your Mac was lost or stolen, you can use it to locate your Mac on a map, or play a sound to help you find it. You can also use it to remotely lock or erase your Mac. To use Find My Mac, sign in to iCloud.com on another computer or download the Find My iPhone app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Locate your Mac on a map
Open Find My iPhone, and select your Mac from the Devices menu to view its location on a map.


Lock your Mac
You can use Find My Mac to remotely lock your Mac with a passcode. You can also display a custom message on its screen.

Play a sound
If your Mac is nearby, you can have it play a sound to help you or someone nearby find it.


Erase your Mac
You can use Find My Mac to remotely erase and delete all your personal information from your Mac.


What if my Mac is shut down or offline?

If your Mac is turned off or offline, you can still use Find My Mac to request a notification when it’s located, or lock or erase your Mac remotely. The next time your Mac is online, the actions take effect. If you remove your Mac from Find My Mac when it’s offline, your requests are canceled.

How do I unlock my Mac?

Once you locate your Mac, you can unlock it by entering your passcode on the lock screen.

Here’s how to see the passcode that you used to lock your Mac:

  1. Sign in to icloud.com/find on a Mac or PC.
  2. Select your Mac from the Devices menu.
  3. Select Unlock. After you follow the onscreen steps to verify your identity, you’ll see the passcode that you need to unlock your Mac.

If you forget your passcode or can’t verify your identity to see it, you need to take your Mac to an Apple Authorized Service Provider along with your proof of purchase.

If you can’t find your Mac

Find My Mac is the only Apple service that can help track or locate a lost Mac. If you didn’t set up Find My Mac before your Mac was lost, or you can’t locate it, these steps might help you protect your data:

  1. Change your Apple ID password to prevent anyone from accessing your iCloud data or using other services (such as iMessage or iTunes) from your Mac.
  2. Change your passwords for other accounts you use with your Mac, including email, banking, and social sites like Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Report your lost or stolen Mac to local law enforcement. They might request the serial number of your computer. You can find this information on the original box or receipt you received when you purchased your Mac.