We are currently located on 412 Old Cleveland Rd Coorparoo 4121 where the old Blockbuster used to be.

You do not have to have an appointment. We accept both appointments through Apple’s website and walk-ins.

This really depends on the specific issue with your device. For hardware related faults, parts are not kept in house and will need to be ordered through Apple. This typically takes 2-3 business days and may take a further 2-3 business days to install and confirm the fault is no longer present. For software related faults, we typically complete these types of repairs in under a week. If we are experiencing delays for either a hardware or software fault, we will let you know so you are kept fully up-to-date.

Before you come and see us, make sure you have backed up your device to iCloud or to a Time Machine backup and you have turned Find My Device off through iCloud. Find My Device is part of the anti-theft on an Apple Devices. For any repair to be processed through Apple’s Repair System we must have this turned off or we cannot order the parts.

First of all, go to www.icloud.com and sign into your Apple account, click on “Find iPhone” then “All Devices” at the top of the screen. Devices in your list that are offline (turned off) will have a grey indicator next to them. Click the small “X” next to the device that you wish to remove Find My Device from.

No. An estimated purchase date should be linked to the serial number of your device. Under rare circumstances, this may not be the case and we will contact you if a proof of purchase is necessary.

If you are concerned that your warranty has expired, give us a call or email and we can confirm your warranty status. Apple offers a one year limited worldwide warranty on all their devices. On top of this, you may be covered under the ACCC to devices purchased within Australia.

Currently, we are not accepting online orders. If you wish to make an order for a device, come see us in-store and we will be glad to help and give a cost for shipping. There have been some unexpected delays with shipping especially overseas due to Covid-19. Currently, orders have been arriving within a week.

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We are currently located on 412 Old Cleveland Rd Coorparoo 4121,

where the old Blockbuster used to be.