Why You Should Update iOS15 this Tuesday (21 September)

Date: 16 September 2021

Image Source: MacRumours, 2021

Soon to be available on September 21! The long awaited iOS 15 update for your Apple devices (iPhones and iPods) will align with your updated way of life! This operating system release will feature new capabilities like improved notifications management, improving your moments in life, FaceTime calls, Privacy controls and more!


Notifications are getting a whole new revamp in design and how they bug you! There will be larger app icons and contact photos indication who the notifications are from. Best of all, now they can be curated into a convenient summary, reducing your endless scrolling of banners!


Now let us “Focus” on how to reduce these distractions and “Focus” more on what really matters! Seriously — iOS 15 ’s introduction of “Focus” will allow you to tailor your priorities for that specific time and place. And extension and enhancement of “Do Not Disturb”, you can now create -profiles- to really focus on different mindsets throughout your day, and choose who and what should be requiring your attention. Totally customisable to fine tune your notifications under your control. It also ensures to keep open communication to those who reach out to you by signalling your status.


FaceTime calls will be the revamp to be your first choice for video calls between groups and loved ones. A handful of new features includes;

    • Portrait mode: blurred video backgrounds)
    • Mic Modes: selective spatial audio microphone detection
    • Grid View: see everyone equally across the screen
    • Integrated links: schedule your FaceTime calls with links to anyone (even non-Apple users) and have it integrated with your calendar
    • SharePlay: watch together, listen together and share your screen with those on call in real time!

Now for another major feature, control your Privacy settings through the new iCloud Private Relay feature. It is not a VPN where is reroutes traffic, but it allows you to protect who gets your data when accessing a website – e.g. not your internet provider let alone Apple themselves!

Some other key feature upgrades to note:

    • Quickly change text size: Control on a per-app basis via Control Centre to customise your viewing experience throughout your entire iPhone
    • Separation alerts: Forgetful you? Stray far enough from your items and get an alert from another device to remind you pick them back up!
    • Background sounds: Stay focused on your work, study, and even sleep through a selection of background noises.
    • Text recognition in images: Easily scan, copy, paste or “Look Up” text in Photos, Screenshot, Quick Look, and Safari.

Feature upgrades in Applications:

    • Maps: New 3D views of the city with enhanced images of buildings, pedestrian crossings, directions and more!
    • Wallet: Will become the central hub for the digital keys in your life. It can store ID cards and keys to your home, hotel, office, or even car!
    • Weather: beautiful graphical displays making weather more exciting than ever
    • Safari: Customisable Start Pages, one hand easy-to-reach controls and tab groups making it easier to surf and save tabs and share to other devices linked to your iCloud account